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MONAD by Plotinus, Porphyry, and Proclus

MONAD by Plotinus, Porphyry, and Proclus

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MONAD is the debut publication of Gallowglass Books. It is a hardcover Neoplatonic compendium containing works from Plotinus, Porphyry, and Proclus. Three of the primary Neoplatonists. All of which are translated by Thomas Taylor. MONAD contains Taylor's translations of The Enneads by Plotinus, On The Abstinence From Animal Food by Porphyry, and Elements of Theology by Proclus as well as a number of other works by the same authors. 

The book is a hardcover with cloth boards and dimensions of 9in x 6in. The page count is 816 pages. Cloth boards feature gold foiling and artwork by Kuba Sokolski. 

MONAD features original cover art by Benjamin A. Vierling and a frontispiece by Kuba Sokólski. As well as an introduction by Ken Wheeler.  

MONAD is limited in hardcover edition to 2,000 copies.

Pre-orders will ship starting July 15th. We were delayed by an issue with the dust jackets which we resolved to meet our standard of excellence. 

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